Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What do you do?

The question asked me most since moving here is "What do you do now?".  I am never sure how I am supposed to answer that. My life, is the same as it was in the states! I am first a child of God, then I am a wife , and then I am a mom to some crazy, fun kids! 

I remember my pastor telling my husband that "my wife is just that MY wife, her first responsibility is to me." My husband has since then adopted that same thought.  I spent so long thinking that I would have all these responsibilities  because I am a missionary's wife. Moving here, my life has slowed down a whole lot and lately I have been learning all over again, that after almost 10 years of marriage, that I am first PJ's wife, and then the mother to my fabulous foursome.

So what do I do now: I wake up and do devotions before 3 little people wake and decide they are hungry.  (Believe it or not, it is the older 3 and not the baby!) If I can I try to work out,(yeah right :)) I make breakfast, feed the baby, train the kids to clean up their room, read, art and crafts,play outside, school, lunch, feed the baby, school, straighten up the house, start dinner, feed the baby, dinner, clean up from dinner, play games, baths, devos and bed (for the little ones)! Somewhere in my day I do laundry, lesson plans, and anything else that may come up that I did not plan for. Then I sit down to relax and usually end up falling asleep while I am reading. I also make goodies for our neighbours, usually every week. We are trying to reach our neighbours for Christ through our testimony and witness. You want to know something...I LOVE it! Now, I know what you are thinking, "Well, your life is no different than mine!" Nope, its not I am a wife and a mom, I am a keeper of my home, my home is just half way around the world.
In His time the Lord will guide my husband to a village and a ministry. I plan to gladly serve along side him, doing whatever in our ministry he needs me to do...because I am his wife...the missionary's wife!

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