Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

I know that I am not alone when I say this but I LOVE the holidays!! From before Thanksgiving to after New Years is my favorite time of year. This holiday season is different for me and my family. For the first time in our married life my husband and I are not with extended family. We took this opportunity to create family traditions of our own with our children and we are having fun doing it! The month of December we are doing Countdown to Christmas Family Activities! Every day someone gets to draw an activity from a jar, then later in the day/evening we will do this activity together as a family!
So far we have done a movie, with cookies and hot chocolate, and Christmas Scattergories!(see below for instructions) We also have planned: play Christmas games, watch different Christmas movies, make Christmas ornament, make and decorate Christmas cookies, make pictures for grandparents, deliver goodies to our neighbours and friends, go Christmas shopping, and have a Polar Express night complete with Polar Express hot chocolate and the movie! Also, because we live on a tropical island we will go look at Christmas lights and get ice cream  as well as go out and build "sandmen".
In all of this teaching our children the importance of Christmas remains the most important part of the holiday season. Without the birth of our Saviour there would not be a death or a resurrection, nor would there be salvation! That is of course why I am spending my holiday season in the tropics. Yes, I would love for a cold and white Christmas! (although I saw the weather from home yesterday and they are only about 10 degrees cooler than we are!) However, the Lord has placed me on a beautiful island with what I happen to think is the best family in the world. We are surrounded by sincere, dedicated people who really think they are doing what it takes to get to heaven, but they are so lost and for me it is so heartbreaking. There are times the Chammorro people put me to shame because I do not show the sincere dedication to my Saviour as they show to their Catholic beliefs.
Please pray with us and for us as we use any opportunity given to us to reach the wonderful people of Guam to the Lord. Also, enjoy your holiday, Christmas season with your family, but remember who it is for and why!

Christmas Scattergories!! (This is how we played)
1. Print and cut our the letters of the alphabet and place in jar or bowl.
2. Decide on Christmas categories. (Christmas songs, movies, characters...ect.)
3. Divide into teams
4. Draw a letter. Each category must start with that letter! ("m"+christmas goodies=mint m&m's)
5. Set timer and go!
6. When time is up the teams compare and any answer matching does not count!!
We did this 4 times around (every member playing got to pick a letter)

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