Friday, 1 February 2013

Kathrynn Daneille

All of my children have special stories that I love to tell them about their birth, and this is Kathrynn's. Kathrynn was born 4 years ago today! She is number 3 in the lineup and the first girl for our family. Her daddy and I knew we wanted a girl, and after 2 boys we started really praying that God would grant us our desires and give us a little girl!
Kathrynn Danielle

On May 27, 2008 I found out I was pregnant. Our boys joined us in praying for a little sister that they could love and protect. There are days that I have to remind them that they prayed for a little sister. I knew from the day I found out I was pregnant that it was a girl. When the ultrasound showed us a little girl I cried and then the fun really begin, shopping for a little girl!

Tears of pure joy!

Kathrynn's name is special because her daddy picked it out and one of my dearest friends has this as her first name, and another dear friend has it as her middle name. Kathrynn's name means "Pure" and that is my prayer for her. That she will remain pure, not only morally, but also pure in heart, pure in motives, pure in thought and pure in her life!
She is everything I could want or dream of in a little girl. She loves to wear hairbows, play with my make up, play dress up, help me in the kitchen, and shopping with mom!! I thank God everyday for answered prayers and today I am extra thankful for my Kat-girl!!
My mom, my daughter, and me!!

Me-maw with the first LeClercq granddaughter!!

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  1. I love this Sarah. I love you and baby Kat too. (of course all the family too) you are a great mommy and Kat is a beautiful girly girl. I love to watch her play dress up and do those things. She's getting so big I'm going to have to change her nick name from baby Kat Or not. I think she will always be baby Kat. Hugs and kisses.