Saturday, 23 February 2013

Not This Missionary Wife...

In life we all have expectations of what our job requires of us. As a mom, teacher, and wife of a missionary I have a lot of expectations I place on myself. Some of these are God-given, and some of them end up being more stress then help. I came face to face with one tonight!
As the keeper of the home it is my responsibility to keep us on budget and to find cost saving measures to help stay on said budget. It is also my responsibility to make sure we look good, presentable, and God honoring. All of these responsibilities were running through my head as I realized my husband really needed a haircut. We had been so busy this week, and I knew tomorrow he would be up in front of the church, so I had this brilliant thought...I am going to cut his hair.
I think it is written in every ministry handbook that a missionary wife needs to know how to cut hair and play the piano. However, I have never needed to know how to cut hair, my husband cuts our sons and he usually goes and gets his hair cut at a barber in town. I do not know why I thought I could do it, I mean I can not even teach my kids how to cut a straight line with scissors, but I tried...and lets just say I will never try again!
First, I was terrified that I would cut him. Then his head is not a flat surface. He ended up doing most of it and it looked pretty good, then he needed me to trim the back of his neck, OH DEAR!!! I tried, I really did, but it kept looking uneven and I kept going higher and higher up his neck without realizing it, trying to make it straight. Oh yes, it looks so very bad, as bad as you are imagining it, it is probably worse.
Yes, you may tell me to keep trying, that everyone messes up, but you do not know my history with cutting anything. So, it is worth it to me to pay $10 and make sure my man looks good, than for me to ever try cutting his hair again!
By the way...I am writing a new ministry handbook...I can not play the piano and now I do not cut hair.
Hope you enjoyed your laugh at my expense, and  my husbands since now half of his neck is white and will probably be sunburned since it has never seen the light of day before me.

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