Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Am I Grieved?

It has been a long time since I blogged! Life has been very busy and exciting for us on our little island, and I will probably be sharing more about that in the next few days, so stay tuned. However, today I am just sharing what is on my heart.
I am in no way saying I am an expert on spiritual matters, I do not have a degree in theology, nor do I spend all day studying the Greek meaning of words. I do read my Bible and my Heavenly Father does speak to me. At times it is to convict me, reprimand me, instruct me, and to encourage me. Recently, I read a verse that did all of the above.

Psa. 119:158  I beheld the transgressors, and was grieved; because they kept not thy word. 

Sin surrounds me constantly! I can not escape sin, nor can I escape sinners. However, the Lord has been convicting my heart lately of how I view sinners. I was brought up in a very strong Christian home. I was sheltered from the sins of the world, and let me add, I am very thankful for it. However, along the way I have acquired an arrogant attitude when it comes to sin. I would see someone doing what I knew was wrong and would pass judgement and condemn. ( Let me add, when I say I judged someone I mean that I looked down on them and thought myself better of them because of what they did or did not do.) Then the Lord showed me this verse and it has broken my heart.
The psalmist was grieved over the sins he saw. He was sick at heart, at the sins he saw being committed. Here on Guam, the sin of homosexuality is very prominent. I have been very surprised at how many people you will see out in public that practise this lifestyle, especially among females. It is easy for me to hate the sin, and somewhere along the way I had begun to hate and not love the sinner too. God had to remind me that he died for all sinners, and that included me. My sin of gossip nailed him to the cross, just as much as those sins that I judged others for. 
I want to be grieved for the sins of others. I want to see their sin and it brake my heart for their lost condition. I want their sin to remind me of what I was saved from. I want their sin to remind me that I am no better than they are, but that I have experienced God's unmerited favour, or grace. When I see the lost souls of my island and the world, I want to see broken lives that my Saviour loves, lives that He gave his life for, lives that He wants to redeem. I want to see this world through the eyes of my Lord.
“Let me see this world, dear Lord, 
As though I were looking through Your eyes. 
A world of men who don’t want You Lord, 
But a world for which You died. 
Let me kneel with You in the garden, 
Blur my eyes with tears of agony; 
For if once I could see this world the way You see, 
I just know I’d serve You more faithfully. 
Let me see this world, dear Lord, 
Through Your eyes when men mock Your Holy Name. 
When they beat You and spat upon You, Lord, 
Let me love them as You loved them just the same. 
Let me stand high above my petty problems, 
And grieve for men, hell bound eternally; 
For if once I could see this world the way You see, 
I just know I’d serve You more faithfully.”

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  1. This really blessed my heart more than you'll ever know....thank you for posting! ~ Ashley