Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nathanael Paul LeClercq

Today, April 25, 2013 my little man will be 9! It is hard to believe that time is going by so fast. (Don't we say that every year?) Nate is a very special young man. He will always have that special place in our hearts as our first born.
One thing PJ and I both agreed on before we were married was that we wanted a boy first and that his name would be Nathanael Paul. We wanted him to have his daddy's and his Pa-paw's name, and PJ wanted a Nate!!
Nate never did crawl right!! He always did the army crawl!!

Our plan was to wait to start our family until after I had done 1 year of teaching. Well, I found out the week before school started that I was pregnant and Nate was born during Spring Break. So much for our plans, right!!!

He loved his bath time!
Nathanael means "gift of God" and Nate has been just that. From the time I found out he was coming I knew God was giving us our  son. When the ultrasound confirmed it was a boy, I just cried.

 Nate is a wonderful big brother, and he is trying so hard to be a responsible young man. Nate reminds me everyday what child like faith is, his faith in his God is so real. He has a genuine love and desire to serve God with all of his heart.
Nathanel and his best friend, Ethaen!

My prayer for Nate is that he will always have the tender heart he has now, along with the love he has for God and for others.
Nate helping out at church!

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love and miss you!