Sunday, 5 May 2013

How Good It Is!

We have had a great day here on the island of Guam. The weather was beautiful! We had two great services, and we had great friends who helped us when our keys got locked in the car. However, I wanted to take this time and share with you what touched my heart the most today.
Today would have been my mom's birthday had she been living. I had a pretty good day, but when I came home this afternoon and was resting, my heart yearned to call and tell my mom "Happy Birthday!" I turned on the computer and saw I had a message from a dear friend in the states. She wrote to tell me that she loved me and would be praying all day for me.
What an encouragement!!! If you live thousands of miles away from friends and family, then you will know what this small but very important gesture did to my heart!! I was reminded of the verse
   Pro 15:23b " ... and a word spoken in due season, how good is it! "
It was so good to hear that she was thinking of me today, and it made me feel loved and the miles did not seem to be very many.
I just want to take this time to encourage you to reach out to your missionaries.(This is coming from a missionary's  heart!) In this modern world of technology you can make a missionaries day by spending just a few minutes to send them a short email telling them you were thinking of them and praying for them. (Make sure you do pray for them!!) You have no idea what your note,or email, can do for the heart of a missionary! Why not take some time this week and send an email, or note to a missionary and be a blessing to some one.
From my heart,

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